Telecommunication Pole Attachments

Ƶ has a dedicated team for processing telecommunication pole attachment requests. Our and streamlined application process provide for non-discriminatory, transparent access to Ƶ's Distribution System.

The Telecommunication Pole Attachment Team is responsible for:

  • Surveys
  • Inspections
  • Applications
  • Enforcement
  • Transfer Notifications
  • Support & Education

In addition to the above, Ƶ has partnered with Alden Systems, Inc. and is utilizing a centralized electronic system called to process applications, receive overlash notifications and to communicate with Licensee regarding transfers and other pole attachment matters.

Applications & Notifications

Use this application for Standard, One Touch Make Ready (OTMR) and Strand Mount Attachment requests. OTMR can only be selected if the Licensee’s Attachments meet the criteria under the OTMR process as described in the .

Use this application for Wireless attachment request (excluding Strand Mount). Wireless Attachments do not qualify for an OTMR process.

Use the Overlash Notification to inform Ƶ when Licensee intends to attach a wire to its own existing wires or where it shares space with an existing Attachment.

Pole Attachment Process

Ƶ has provided the requirements, specifications and standards for pole attachment requests in its . Below is a high-level summary of the standard pole attachment process. Please refer to the Pole Attachment Guidelines for all requirements.

Overview of the standard pole attachment process.

Small Cell / 5G Installations

Click here for information about small cell facilities.


Contact us

For more information reach out to the Telecommunications team at

This document will guide you through the pole attachment process and requirements.
Ƶ: Standards & Specifications

Standards & Specifications

Ƶ has established technical specifications that apply to any Attachment request.

Current Forms

Ƶ: Ƶ Approved Contractors for Pole Attachments

Ƶ Approved Contractors for Pole Attachments

This list is related to Pole Attachment work only and is not inclusive of all contractors approved for work by Ƶ.