Substation at sunset


Grid Improvements for More Reliable Service

Ƶ’s proposed transmission line and substation projects are designed to enhance our local energy grid while preparing for our community’s future energy needs. Public outreach is an important part of Ƶ’s planning process. Click below to learn more about current projects.

Ƶ: Transmission Lines

Transmission Lines

Transmission lines link substations and other facilities to move electrical energy at high voltages over long distances.
Ƶ: Substations


Substations change the voltage of electric facilities for distribution and delivery of electric service to area customers.
Ƶ: Working in Your Neighborhood

Working in Your Neighborhood

Our crews are working to improve resiliency and reliability. Stay informed about some of our larger projects that may be occurring in your area.

What else is Ƶ doing to prepare for customers' future energy needs?

Ƶ is planning a dramatic expansion of clean energy resources that will allow us to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions 80 percent by 2035.

This ambitious, realistic vision for a sustainable energy future is detailed in Ƶ's 2023 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). The IRP provides regulators, customers and other interested stakeholders with information about current resources, detailed assumptions and analyses about future energy requirements, and strategies for meeting our customers’ long-term energy needs.