Multi-Family Housing

Efficient and comfortable community living

Ƶ’s Multi-Family Housing program is designed to help owners and managers of multi-family complexes make their properties more efficient, saving them and their tenants energy and money while improving comfort.

Buildings with five or more units that have service with Ƶ and are not master metered qualify for this program. While individual renters are ineligible for this program, they are encouraged to contact their property owner or manager to request their participation in our Multi-Family Housing program.

Rebates for HVAC Systems & Tune-ups

Rebates are available using in your area for HVAC replacement, HVAC tune-ups and duct sealing. To see if your building is eligible, work with our program staff to determine if your complex is qualified, and schedule time for our staff to do a FREE assessment to determine next steps. Take advantage of the FREE direct install materials, such as energy-efficient LED bulbs and low-flow showerheads, available to all of your tenants when our staff comes out for the assessment.

Through Ƶ’sBusiness Energy Solutionsprogram, we also help apartment complex owners identify other potential energy-saving opportunities in the common areas, and other business areas of the complex.

Program Contact Information:
To schedule your free virtual assessment or questions on the program, reach out to us at:
Email: Ƶ
Phone: 866-473-8761

ENERGY STAR®AC/heat pump quality installation with early retirement of qualifying existing system Up to $800
ENERGY STAR® AC/heat pump quality installation Up to $450
Duct sealing (varies based on actual leakage reduced): Based on pre-qualifications
AC tuneup:

  • Refrigerant charge repair
  • Indoor coil cleaning
  • Outdoor coil cleaning
Based on pre-qualifications
ENERGY STAR® Smart Thermostat $35

For additional information about potential tax benefits for energy efficiency improvements, visit the .


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Our partner — Franklin Energy

Franklin Energy is the Multi-Family Housing Program implementer. Franklin Energy verifies program eligibility, manages assessments, issues rebates, communicates application status, and provides customer service for inquiries related to the program. Franklin Energy works with utilities, municipalities, and cooperatives to deliver energy efficiency and grid optimization programs.

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