Meter information

Your electric meter shows how many kilowatt hours (kWh) you use. By reading it regularly, you can monitor your energy use.

Reading my meter

Ƶ's meters show a running total of kWh that have been used since the meter was installed.


To determine how much energy you have used since your last billing period, subtract the reading shown on your previous bill from the figure displayed on the meter. Then, multiply the difference by the multiplier found on your electric bill. (This second step isn’t really necessary for most residential customers, whose multiplier is usually “1.” However, commercial meters may have large multipliers.)

For example, subtracting a previous reading of 05620 from the reading displayed above (06312), then multiplying the answer by “1,” would show that you’ve used 692 kWh since your last reading.

Some of our meters occasionally display a screen showing all possible character segments (see below). This “character check” is displayed only briefly before the typical kWh display is restored.



Ƶ: Automated Meters

Automated Meters

Ƶ's meters can be read remotely through low-energy wireless communications equipment.