Empower others

With many businesses forced to close indefinitely in an effort to contain the global coronavirus pandemic, vulnerable individuals and families are now bearing the brunt of the economic impact. Be a HEERO and assist with utility bills.

Staying on top of utility bills can put a significant burden on low-income individuals and families. Your donation to HEERO (Help with Emergency Energy Relief Operation) can ease the cost of energy bills for people who might need a little extra help.

How do I become a HEERO?

Once you're signed up, you can round up your electric bill to the next dollar or pledge a dollar amount you'd like to contribute each month. Ƶ will distribute your donation to the Salvation Army, which uses the money to provide assistance to people identified by the Emergency Services Network, a group of human service agencies that serve Tucson's low-income population.

No contributions are used to administer the program. You can cancel at any time.