Ƶ GoSolar Home

Go 100% solar for an affordable monthly rate that won’t change for a decade.

Your electric bills can be as predictable as the sunrise. Just sign up for the Ƶ GoSolar Home program and power your home with solar energy.

The monthly energy rate you pay for solar power - based on your last 12 months of usage – can remain fixed for 10 years. All with no maintenance costs and no rooftop installation required. It’s an easy, affordable way to go solar with Ƶ.

We reached our goal!
As a result, enrollment is capped in GoSolar Home. Customers interested in clean energy options might consider participating in our GoSolar Shares program.

Features and benefits

  • Clean renewable energy from a local Ƶ solar array.
  • No annual price hikes as seen in some rooftop solar lease contracts
  • No equipment or maintenance costs
  • Fixed energy rate for 10 years. If your annual usage increases or decreases by more than 15%, your rate will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Protection against future energy cost increases.
  • Exemption from ECA,LFCR, and PPFAC. Some surcharges and taxes still apply.
  • Renewable energy option for renters and homeowners, including those whose rooftops are shaded by trees or nearby buildings.

Minimal cost

Ƶ GoSolar Home makes it easy for customers to go solar for an affordable price that can remain fixed for 10 years. You’ll pay the same amount every month for electric service, just like our Budget Billing customers. But unlike participants in that program, you’ll be exempt from rate changes and certain surcharges for a decade if your annual usage remains relatively consistent.*

Your fixed monthly price will be based on your current annual usage and may result in a slight decrease or increase in your electric bill. But your fixed bill could save you money compared to Ƶ’s other pricing plans if those rates increase in the future. You’ll also avoid annual price hikes and equipment maintenance fees associated with other solar energy options.


Participants must have at least 12 months of Ƶ service with a good payment history. Because the program replaces a traditional pricing plan, participants cannot also take service under a time-of-use or demand-based plan. Business customers are not eligible for Ƶ GoSolar Home but may be eligible to participate in our Ƶ GoSolar Shares program.

Solar energy source

Energy for program participants will be generated by Raptor Ridge, a dedicated 12.5 MW solar power system built on 100 acres in southeast Tucson. The system includes more than 35,100 photovoltaic modules expected to produce about 35,800 megawatt hours every year — enough to serve the annual electric needs of more than 2,500 homes. The solar panels are mounted on a single-axis tracking system that follows the sun from east to west throughout the day. This allows the solar panels to continually face the sun, producing more energy than stationary panels like those used for rooftop solar installations.


Please read our FAQs below. Or, email us.

*The cost is calculated by taking your annual usage in kilowatt-hours (kWh) divided by 1,900 kWh, the expected amount of energy produced per year from one kilowatt (kW) of installed solar. That “solar rate capacity” in kW is multiplied by $19 to determine the fixed bill payment. If your energy usage increases or decreases by 15% or more in any calendar year, your monthly payment will be recalculated and adjusted.


Ƶ: GoSolar Shares

GoSolar Shares

Going solar doesn’t require a costly long-term commitment. Just sign up for the Ƶ GoSolar Shares program for your home or business.
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