Solar Analysis

Are you thinking about going solar?

Ƶ is delivering a growing amount of solar power to all customers, but you can get an even larger share of the sun by participating in one of Ƶ’s GoSolar programs or installing a private solar array.

Ƶ has partnered with CleanPower Research to offer Solar Analysis, a service that helps you compare various solar options. Use this tool to review the benefits and approximate costs of private solar based on your rooftop’s characteristics, energy use, Ƶ pricing plan and available tax credits and rebates. Then, see how this information compares with the benefits and costs of participating in Ƶ’s community-solar programs: Ƶ GoSolar HomeԻƵ GoSolar Shares.

To use the tool, you must be a residential customer with at least 12 months of consecutive billing history with Ƶ. We’ll also need a good record of your hourly energy usage data, which isn’t available for all customers due to an ongoing upgrade of Ƶ’s meter information system. If our records are missing more than 7 consecutive days of usage data, more than 10 days of data during a billing period or more than 30 days of data during the last 12 months, you will not be able to use the Solar Analysis.

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This tool is being updated to reflect new, higher rates that took effect Sept. 1. While the tool remains useful for comparing pricing plans, the projected bill levels will not be accurate until new rates are incorporated. This banner will be removed when that update has been made.
Ƶ: Rooftop Solar

Rooftop Solar

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels convert energy from the sun into electricity. Arizona is one of the world’s sunniest places, making our state an ideal location for solar power systems.
Ƶ: GoSolar with Ƶ

GoSolar with Ƶ

Power your home or business with cost-effective community solar power.