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Springerville Generating Station Ash Landfill

CCR Rule Compliance Data and Information

Ƶ - CCR Rule

In April 2015, the EPA issued a final rule for disposal of Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) from Electric Utilities, requiring all coal ash and other coal combustion residuals to be treated as a solid waste under Subtitle D of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act for disposal in landfills and/or surface impoundments. Ƶ does not own or operate any impoundments but does operate an ash landfill at the Springerville Generating Station. Under the rule, the Springerville ash landfill is classified as an existing landfill.

The Springerville Generating Station, operated by Ƶ Company, is a coal-fired power plant located in Apache County, approximately 15 miles north of Springerville, Arizona. The existing on-site ash disposal landfill is approximately 400 acres in size. It is situated above low-permeability Chinle and Moenkopi formations in excess of 200 ft thick and is approximately 700 to 800 feet above the uppermost aquifer, the Coconino Sandstone.