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Ƶ is committed to ensuring safe, reliable service by promoting safe digging practices.

Don’t assume you know where all of the underground lines are located or how deep they might be. Even shallow digging to plant flowers, trees, shrubs or install a post or decking can result in a utility line being damaged. This can create a serious threat to nearby homes and businesses and cause a fire, evacuation and/or service disruption.

Before starting any home improvement projects that involve digging, Arizona law requires residential and commercial customers to contact at least two (2) business days in advance to have underground natural gas, electric and other utility lines clearly marked.

Calls to 811 prompt a visit to your home or business so that underground lines can be marked with spray paint, flags or both. Digging can then proceed a safe distance away from the marked lines.

A 2022 survey by Common Ground Alliance found that nearly half of U.S. homeowners planning projects that require digging did not plan to call 811 before digging. That puts many communities at risk.

Help us protect our infrastructure and keep everyone safe by always contacting Arizona 811 first before digging.

Using 811 is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Create an order. Before your digging project, call 811 or visit the to create an online order to have the utility lines marked on your property.
  2. Lines are marked. Utility providers will schedule professional locators to the digging site to mark underground lines with paint or flags. They’ll let you know if there is a conflict with your digging location and the utility lines.
  3. Wait before digging. Wait until all of the utility providers on your work order have responded before proceeding to dig. If you are using a contractor, always confirm they have contacted 811 and the lines are marked prior to their work.

Customers who think they may have damaged a utility line should contact 911 immediately, if necessary. They also should call 811 to report the damage no matter how minor it might seem, and are responsible for contacting the affected utility. Never bury the line or try to repair it yourself.

Here are some important tips for customers planning any digging projects:

  • Always contact 811 a few days before digging, regardless of depth or familiarity of the property.
  • If you’re using a contractor, confirm they’ve contacted 811 and don’t allow work until lines are marked.
  • Consider moving the location of your project if it is near marked utility lines.
  • If your project is near marked utility lines, carefully hand dig within two feet of the lines to determine its exact location before proceeding.
  • Do not build sheds, shops, decks or other structures over utility lines, which impede utility access to the lines and can result in a dangerous situation.
  • Remember that damaging a utility line is dangerous and can result in expensive repairs and possibly fines.
  • Visit for more information.

Calling 811 ahead of time is free and easy, and it’s the law. It helps keep everyone safe and ensures reliable service.

Dial 811 if you have a project that requires excavation.

Don't miss this crucial step

49% of people planning home improvement projects will put themselves and their communities at risk by digging without calling 811 beforehand.